Looking to carve your path into operating small businesses?

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Try Before You Buy

Get SMB Leadership Opportunities Working With Experienced Acquirers & Operators

Working in small business is certainly not for everyone. Some people leave their corporate management jobs fully ready to dive into small business ownership and never look back. But many never jump.  That's because jumping straight into ownership is a serious leap fraught with new risks and challenges. We've always wished it was easier so more people could actually do it.

If you're coming at small business from the outside, say from corporate management, the military, consulting, or private equity, and have dreams of owning and operating a small business, sometimes it's worth getting a taste of what you're signing up for before you actually dive in without a life vest. Maybe what you actually need is an experienced partner?

We utilize our network to create opportunities for "new to SMB" professionals to gain the career experience, confidence, and personal balance sheet in a supportive and  mentorship-oriented small business environment.  We help them connect with experienced acquisition-oriented SMB investors, acquirers, and operators like ourselves so they can shape an operating role together. 

The opportunity to go solo is still always there after an experience like this, but it's nowhere near as much of a leap. 

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