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Digital Knowledge Assistants

We think AI will transform business and labor productivity for the next several years and anyone that doesn't adopt new AI-powered tools will fall behind.  Given this, we have been experimenting with various platforms to build new capabilities. One technology we are particularly excited about is the Digital Knowledge Assistant (DKA), where a large language model-based AI is trained on a particular knowledge domain that can be accessed through a simple chat interface. We've been building DKA demos, linked to below that you can play with.

Health AI - this is a chatbot trained on the work of some of our favorite wellness, nutrition, and longevity thinkers including Dr. Peter Attia, 

SMB AI - this is a chatbot trained on our writings and the writings of many of our favorite business thinkers and operators in the small business space.

Econ AI - this is a chatbot trained on the a knowledge base of some of our favorite 

Big Thinker AI - this is a chatbot trained on